Welcome To Airline Ambassadors Hero Force And Our Global Telethon!!!

Welcome To Airline Ambassadors Hero Force And Our Global Telethon!!!

About Us

We are Airline Ambassadors Nation!

Our mission: help orphans and vulnerable children worldwide with our awareness, missions and humanitarian service. 

With your support, you can help us not only continue our work - but GROW our work!   Our work includes programs to help children receive critical medical care, no matter where in the world; hand delivering needed aid to children in orphanages and remote communities; and saving children from child trafficking by training the airline industry and the public with our awareness programs.

Join the conversation - download our FREE iReporter app to report suspicious activity with your video tip selfies involving children, or just send us your testimonial and praises, afterall we're changing the heart of the world one child's heart at a time. 

Text the word "iReporter" and send the word as the message to 96362 - Then click the link for the download page for the FREE OnNow TV WEB Channel Reporter App; click download.  After download add (+) our Network Channel 9143.  Then record videos on your iPhones (Droids soon) and hit SEND or upload by browsing to find the video,  and click SEND...it's that easy.

Make a one-time donation or gift - text the word "AirlineAMB" and send to 96362 - click the reply link, then make your tax deductible donation starting at $5.

Become a supporting member of Airline Ambassadors Nation TV Network. To make a pledge, text the word "AirlineAMBHeroForce" and send to 96362.  For as little as $0.99 a month, you can help us grow the message of our work.

Welcome aboard to the Hero Force - We are Airline Ambassadors Nation!