How It Works -in Lifetime Termite & Pest Defense For Your Home

How It Works -in Lifetime Termite & Pest Defense For Your Home

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BugFree/Termite Defense System - Safer, and saves you money

The World's Best Built-In BugFree and Termite Defense System. We all know the serious dangers and complications that arise from pesticide use. The patented injector2 ® piping system is the only system that uses pressure relief  in order to apply a relatively  same amount of pesticide through out the piping for even flow  according to EPA suggestions or requirements. This i2 system is a revolutionary method  that puts chemicals where the termites / bugs live, not where you or your family and pets live. With 4 patents thousands installed by leading builders. i2 Pest Defense Systems the greenest and safest way to protect homes and buildings from Termites and bugs. 

A Certified product of Healthy Home® Association created in Oklahoma with over Twelve years of development. without one reported failure. Permitted by the International Building Code as a termite delivery system, subject to local officials. There is nothing like this system in the world.

What Makes the i2 System Unlike Other Methods of Termite Protection?

There are three main reasons that make the i2 (Injector2®) Pest Defense system unlike any other method of termite protection in new construction.

1. Detection:  The system allows termites to be detected with air sampling of co2 through the piping before they do damage to the home/building.-  Sampling Still under development

2. Termite elimination:  System eliminate termites without the use of hundreds of gallons of poison being placed under the home/building by using a delivery system that delivers a friendly (smaller amount of chemical) termite product directly to where the termites try to enter the building.

3. Lifetime structure Protection:  The system allows for lifetime of repeated application of  termite protection without any drilling of the slab, brick or outside concrete, making any addition treatments costing less and without the damage caused by today's standard retreatment. Has a 50 year product Warranty subject to state codes.

The current method for termite protection is to create a chemical barrier between the ground under and around the building. This is achieved by the use of very poisonous chemicals that are regulated by the EPA and the State Department of Agriculture. The first application is at the stage of construction just before the concrete slab is cast. The fill material (usually sand) is treated with hundreds (300/500) of gallons of poison to create a barrier underneath the home/building. This is applied by an applicator using a large tank with a spray system which is affected by wind. The second application of poison is to treat the soil (or fill material) before any outside concrete that touches the building is cast, using the same method as above. The third application is after the buildings outside grade is established and landscaping is installed. This is applied by trenching and or rodding around the outside of the building (the trench is usually to a depth of 2 feet) and pouring 80 gallons or more of poison into the trench and then backfilling to create a barrier around the outside of the building.

How does the i2 Defense System work?

The i2 ( System uses a specially designed perforated (patented) piping system that is installed in the fill material just before the concrete slab is cast.

1. The piping is placed (optional placement) below the top of the fill material around the inside perimeter of the foundation and around all penetrations (plumbing pipes, electrical conduits and others) then connected to the outside of foundation (on outside of home)for a future access port.

2. Wrap around protection -The next installation of the piping is after the framing of the building and before the outside veneer (brick, rock, etc) is installed. The piping is placed on the out side of the building at the base plate of the walls.

How to Use the i2 Defense System after Installation:

The system can be used two different ways again and again.

1. By taking an air sample from the system, you can determine the presences of termites under the slab or behind the veneer (available 2012).

2. You can eliminate the termites by injecting  termite protection into the system.

The patented piping is the only system in the world that delivers a even amount of the termite protection under the slab and behind the veneer to where the termites are trying to enter the home/building. Keeping people, pets and the environment safier.

It's green and healthier for people and pets over other methods. The use of poisons in and around buildings has many disadvantages. When applying (300 to 500 gallons) of poison, there are risks of contamination the underground water sources, impact to the environment by spraying in wind conditions and the indoor air quality is affected by the poison migrating from under the slab into the building. With the Injector2® System, the system can be used for early detection anbd applied where the termites are, without harming people, pets or the environment.


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