Curt Cobb Talks About His Company

Curt Cobb Talks About His Company

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Owner Curt Cobb takes you on a tour of products his company Athenian Marble has to offer. They import marble and granite from all over the world to make your home mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. Check it all out ---You will like it...

Athenian Marble Corporation has been delivering product excellence and unparalleled service since its beginning in 1969. Athenian Marble Corporation manufactures custom cultured marble products and Ancor, an exclusive line of custom made solid surface. Ancor provides a silky smooth seamless counter for any kitchen, bath, or commercial application, along with seamless Ancor sinks and bowls. All Athenian Marble Products are manufactured using the finest material components.

Athenian's current production facility comprises more than 67,000 square feet and employs more than 50 of the best qualified employees to be found anywhere in the industry, utilizing some of the most innovative, computer controlled equipment available to process the quality products you expect.

Cultured marble is a homogenous blend of calcium carbonate, coloring agents, resin, MEKP, and other fillers. In its original form, it is a thick liquid that is cast in molds and must harden and cure before it is removed from the molds and is hand polished.

Athenian Marble Co., in conjunction with chemists and experts from numerous related fields, has developed a formula based on the best available products that achieve the best compatibility between components. We believe this formulation produces the best all-around properties to be found in any cultured marble products. Cultured marble gains its water resistance, stain resistance, and high gloss shine from a gelcoat finish that is applied to the molds before they are cast. This finish is very similar to a fiberglass boat or car and can be cared for with products recommended for these and similar items. A 'Use and Care Sheet' is provided with each purchase. The high gloss finish allows for easy cleaning and low maintenance.

Cultured marble comes in both 3/4" and 3/8" thick material and may be customized with a 1½" Edge Profile. Choose from 5 different vanity bowl designs that offer the beauty and ease of cleaning that a busy lifestyle needs. These vanity bowls are sure to highlight the quality, style, and elegance of any bath. The craftsmanship and luxury of the Flair Bowl and Cameo Bowl display the artistic acumen of a professional decorator. (The Flair Bowl has matching tub styles in the Flair Duo Tub, the extra large Flair Tub, and the Petite Flair Tub)


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