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Recently named one of America's Most Admired companies, Maytag Corporation is a US $4.7 billion home and commercial appliance company, headquartered in Newton, Iowa. With approximately 20,000 employees worldwide, Maytag is committed to growth through innovation and backed by well-known premium brand products.

  • In major appliances, Maytag is among the top three companies in the North American market, offering a full line of washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and ranges under household brand names Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef and Jade.
  • In floor care, Maytag owns the Hoover brand, the market leader in North America and the floor care brand with the highest consumer recognition and buying preference.
  • In commercial products, Maytag owns the Dixie-Narco brand, a leader in refrigerated soft drink and specialty vending machines primarily sold to major soft drink bottlers.

Maytag's presence in markets around the world includes direct sales operations in Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom. The corporation's export sales and marketing, licensing of brands, and international joint ventures are coordinated by Maytag International in Chicago, Illinois.

To extend its reputation for innovation, the corporation recently added two new businesses to its portfolio: Maytag Specialty Group and Maytag Services. The Specialty Group expands Maytag's offerings in the luxury kitchen appliance and commercial foodservice equipment markets. The new services business extends Maytag's heritage of quality service into all major appliance brands in selected markets. Additionally, in 2003 the company expanded its product offerings to include small appliances such as high-end blenders, mixers and irons. Maytag washers first went into production in 1907. The "Pastime" washer was the first model. In 1911 the first electric model was introduced. In the 1922 the dolly system was replaced by the wringer system. Wringer washers were sold until the 1980s. One million washers are produced by 1927. The first automatic washer is built in 1949. 1958 starts production of commercial coin washers. Significance Maytag washers were built originally to get the company through slow periods during the year. Maytag created the first aluminum tub washer in 1919. Maytag created the first wringer washers. Maytag shipped the largest shipment of washers in history in 1927. Types The first Maytag washers were built with a wooden tub and hand crank which pulled clothes against the corrugated sides. A washer with a pulley mechanism was created to allow for operation with an outside power source via electricity later. Maytag washers had attachments including butter churns, meat grinders, and light generators. The AMP is the first automatic washer. Time Frame The Maytag company starts operations in 1893 as a farm machine company by three brothers. The company sets up in Newton Iowa. In the 1920s the company goes national. During World War II washers are not produced. Maytag is bought out by Whirlpool in 2006 and stops production. Geography Maytag washers were built in Newton, Iowa from 1907 until 2006. Maytag used two production plants at the same location.


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