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Harnessing the power of mobile computers to provide advanced enviromental measurements. In 1998, GrayWolf Sensing Solutions was formed to provide advanced sensor and software technology, employing the power of mobile and embedded computers, for superior environmental test instrumentation. Our products are designed to diagnose opportunities to improve the productivity, health and safety of people, while increasing energy efficiency in buildings and identifying 'green' solutions for the planet. GrayWolf's management (with over 75 years experience in the industry between the 4 founding partners), along with our highly experienced service and sales staff, have brought our extensive environmental instrumentation knowledge to bear to supply solutions that overcome the obstacles that limit traditional manufacturers. Any operator familiar with Microsoft Windows® operating systems now has easy access to greatly enhanced environmental monitoring capability. GrayWolf's fundamental design directive has been to make our product technically superior, yet intuitive and easy-to-use. GrayWolf utilizes state-of the-art sensors for the application, and provides a user interface that makes documentation of environmental surveys and detailed report generation easy and efficient. Over 25 parameters are now available to measure with GrayWolf's DirectSense® mobile PC based products and with our WolfPack area monitors, including VOCs, carbon dioxide, airspeed, particulates, %RH, differential pressure, ozone, ammonia and more. Primary applications addressed include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), energy efficiency, HVAC and toxic gas measurement. In 2004 GrayWolf purchased the Solomat product line of "classical" IAQ Monitors, Digital Micromanometers and Air Velocity Meters. These instruments, now sold and serviced under the GrayWolf label, are available with GrayWolf's highly advanced data analysis and report generation software.


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